Ane.Fin used her twenties working brick by brick to build the foundations of her dream; to release her own music without anyone defining her, setting boundaries, or telling her no.

As a 27 year old she found her own unique and powerful voice, not just in terms of her music, but also in how she wants to contribute to our world.

For a lot of Norwegian artists it's hard to write and sing in their own language, but for Ane.Fin this once was the only way to get to keep her lyrics authentic, implementing the honesty and edginess she’s been building up for years. “Fast I Deg” and “Ego” were released 2019. That same year she sold her apartment in Oslo, frantically packed her panties and left everything behind to attend the prestigious music school Limpi @Lillehammer, Norway.

She learned how to develop herself as a songwriter also in english, composer and artist, and delved deep in to the expression and playfulness of her music and live shows.

After a year of school she participated in  the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest early 2021 with the song "Walking in My Sleep".  Her pandmeic year went fast as she also worked on her debut EP "Are We Ok?" which was realeased in June 2021. 

Ane.Fin is inspired by NAO, Kehlani & Aerosmith, and of course worldwise R’n’B/Soul.

Her live shows are energetic, explosive and unpredictable. The most important thing for Ane.Fin is to create an impact and take people on her journey. Her lifelong goal is to make her audience love themselves, share love, and be able to give love to others drawing inspiration from her music & energy.

Be a part of Ane.Fins journey by listening to her music, sharing love & kindness to the world, and engaging in the pursuit of equality.