Foto: Vetle Skauen
Foto: Fotogjengen Samfundet
Foto: Vetle Skauen
plenty live

PLENTY is a young artist starting her process with showing off her hard-work mantality, inspiring young girls & boys to persuade their dream - no matter what.

With her strong, edgy and powerfull voice she has and will in the future give us some of the strongest pop-songs of it's kind. 

PLENTY was born and raised on a tiny island in the nothern Norway. She went straight form sutdying music in high school to applying and getting accepted to LIMPI, Lillhammer 2020.

Her artist career started in 2020 with her debut single "I Don't Wanna Know" which was listed on multiple radio stations in Norway and abroad. The last year she's been working on her debut EP "For Now" and relesed it summer of 2021. 

PLENTY is an energetic and highly 90's inspired artist who will give you a strong vocal, hardcore bublegum-pop with elements of electronica. 

2022 has started off with a BANG - included in the Katapult-program, her debut band-gig at SALT, Oslo sold out, support for DAGNY & Kite Safari, new radio listings for her latest single "Crying on the Dancefloor". This one is here to stay.